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5 Ton Rigid Extension Boom Clevis

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    Thanks in part to the large variety of available attachments, forklifts can serve a wide array of purposes. With the forklift jib boom, you can turn your standard vehicle into a miniature crane.

    The Purpose of a Forklift Jib Boom

    These types of extensions are an invention that allows you to use your forklift as a small crane. The attachment fits onto the tines of your fork and enables you to lift weights within a specific range.

    Beware of trying to lift loads higher than the recommended weight. Even if you manage to lift the load, you may tip the vehicle or damage the attachment.

    Choosing the Appropriate Attachment for Your Project

    There are a multitude of available options where these attachments are concerned. It would help if you considered the strength of your forklift before you try and choose an extension.

    Not every forklift has the strength to carry the loads you might be considering. Check with your manufacturer to find out which weights your vehicle can safely carry. Once you know what your forklift can do, you can choose a boom with a similar weight capacity.

    Secondly, you need to be aware of the spacing, width, and thickness of your fork’s tines. Manufacturers design the booms to fit on forklifts of specific spacing and thickness. Your chosen attachment provider may have many different attachments. It’s best to confirm that the particular extension suits your device.

    If you’re in doubt, contact the provider and give them the details of your model. They’ll be able to tell you which of their models, if any, suits your vehicle.

    Finally, you need to ask yourself what you plan on doing with the jib boom. There are several different types of attachment, and you need to choose one that will suit your operation.

    Some jib booms have only a single hook for transporting crates in a sling or similar. Others have two hooks to allow for extra stability or carrying two packages of equal weight.

    Potential Problems With a Jib Boom

    As with all heavy-duty extensions and attachments, there are a few potential issues with these booms. The first of these is that you might not be able to carry the weight you hope to.

    While this is a problem with the forklift and not the attachment, it is a severe issue. Always check what you can carry before purchasing.

    Another potential problem is a balance issue in a boom that carries two hooks. Sometimes the connection might buckle, leading to an imbalance.

    When this happens, you should try to replace the connection. A two-hook tool that lacks the balance it needs will be inefficient in the workplace.

    In a telescopic-type single hook boom, the parts may get stuck and refuse to reach the full length or contract afterward. Many times you can remedy this problem by greasing the affected regions.

    However, in some cases, telescopic parts may malfunction due to imperfections in the components themselves. In such an event, it’s best to replace the section or the attachment entirely.