Forklift Propane Tank

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Forklifts are either gas, electric, or propane powered. Propane powered forklifts are preferred by operators who value their ease of refueling and their lower maintenance than their electric and gas powered counterparts.

How do you choose a forklift propane tank?

Forklift propane tanks typically come in both steel and aluminum depending on how harsh the conditions are that you put your forklift through. Steel propane tanks can resist much greater damage and are often found on industrial forklifts on construction sites or roofing jobs. Aluminum forklift propane tanks are most common and found on many common warehouse forklifts. A large majority of forklifts require an 8 gallon propane tank which should give you a run time of up to eight hours. Industrial forklifts for lifting capacities of 8,000 lbs and over usually require a larger tank because of the increased amount of propane it will use per hour of run time. A forklift propane tank can wear from the day to day working conditions of a construction site or warehouse. Be sure to check the tank for dents, heavy rust, and frost build up. The forklift hose, fitting, and o-ring should be routinely checked for damage to avoid leaks. When installing a forklift propane tank, be sure to check the remaining fuel in the hose and in the tank being switched out. Make sure the new tank is aligned properly, the new tank valve is turned off and o-ring is is intact, and the connection is nice and tight before opening the valve. If you smell any propane, hear any hissing, or see any frost build up be sure to shut off the valve immediately and ventilate the area before resuming the installation. If you are looking to add to your stock of forklift propane tanks, Gearflow has you covered. Shop our forklift part suppliers to replace or add to your forklift propane tank inventory.