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Manulift EMI

KUBOTA Lever, Control, Part 1627157150

Part Number: 1627157150

  • KUBOTA Lever, Control, Part 1627157150
  • $32.75
  • Manulift EMI

    Merlo Rope, Control, Part 049537

    Part Number: 049537

  • Merlo Rope, Control, Part 049537
  • $30.70
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    Generators power your job sites so a down generator can bring a job site to a stop. Gearflow has all of the generator parts your job site needs to keep power running to your machines.

    What parts do generators consist of?

    Generator parts consist of a few main components: the engine, fuel system, alternator and voltage regulator, cooling system, exhaust system, lubricating system, battery charger, control panel, and frame assembly. A generator converts mechanical energy generated from an engine you would find in a piece of construction equipment or vehicle into electric energy. The larger the engine, the more mechanical energy produced and turned into electrical energy. The key to the generator is transforming mechanical energy into electrical energy by way of the alternator. The engine rotates the rotor around a stator which is a set of coils that conducts electricity. The constant rotation of the rotor around the stator creates a constant electromagnetic field, inducing an electric current. The voltage regulator regulates the electrical output to ensure a steady current being fed to your machine.

    The cooling system, exhaust system, and lubricating system are very similar to ones that you would find in other construction equipment. The cooling system releases coolant or uses a fan to counteract the heat generated produced by the engine and control the heat within the generator to prevent overheating. The exhaust system, like in a vehicle or equipment, is used to expel any fumes emitted by the combustion engine. The lubrication system mitigates the friction between all of the moving parts with a generator to cut down on wear. The battery and battery charger are used just like any other piece of equipment running on a gas or diesel engine. The battery is used to start the engine by delivering a current to the spark plugs or glow plugs to ignite the fuel. The control panel, depending on the generator, can offer simple to complex controls over the performance of the generator. Each generator is contained with a different type of frame assembly. Generators can be stationary or mobile, industrial sized or portable. No matter your generator parts needs, Gearflow has got you covered. Shop from Generator parts suppliers from OEM and aftermarket options across top brands such as Generac, CAT, Wacker Neuson, DeWalt, Honda, Briggs & Stratton, Duromax, and Yamaha.