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Arrow Cement Mixer Cradle - Mixing Bowl to Skid Steer Frame

Part Number: Arrow Cement Mixer Cradle - Mixing Bowl to Skid Steer Frame

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    Auger Mixing Bowl - 47 Gallon - 2" Hex

    Part Number: 47 2

  • Auger Mixing Bowl - 47 Gallon - 2" Hex | Auger Cradle | Arrow Material Handling | Part #: AMB-47-20-H
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    Mixing concrete is a tedious and challenging job, but the right machinery and attachments can make it simple. From manual standing drums evolving into barrels attached to moving motorized equipment, hard jobs have become more manageable.

    What Parts Are a Skid Steer Concrete Mixer Composed of?

    For this apparatus, there’s a bucket body, drive chain, mixing auger, motor, a hydraulic actuator for the chute, and a protection grill. The bucket body also comes in the form of a rotating drum, which differs from dealer to dealer.

    What Does a Skid Steer Concrete Mixer Do and How Does it Work?

    This accessory provides functions for mixing, transporting, and dumping concrete used for walkways, driveways, floors, fence posts, small buildings, and various other projects.

    Pour the concrete, sand, and chosen aggregates into the mixing bucket or barrel, and the auger mixes the compounds. There’s a hydraulically controlled chute that releases the concrete when and where the operator needs it.

    What Happens If You Have a Faulty Skid Steer Concrete Mixer?

    A faulty concrete mixer can leak oil around the transmission sump, indicating a broken motor oil seal. For this problem, you need to contact a qualified shop.

    If there’s an oil leak outside the accessory, loose or damaged fittings, leaking motor oil seals, or damaged hoses can be the cause.

    A hydraulic grill that doesn’t want to open can be a stuck cylinder stop valve or magnets that aren’t energized. Check the valve and the electrical system. If these are in working order, it can also be rotation pins that have seized or a hydraulic connection that’s gone wrong. In these situations, clean and grease the pins or verify the links of the hydraulics.

    How Do I Choose a Skid Steer Concrete Mixer?

    Choosing a skid steer concrete mixer depends on the quantities you plan on mixing for the projects you handle. If you only need small amounts at a time, and not frequently either, the smaller bucket or barrel will suffice. You’ll need a more significant attachment for larger quantities.

    What Are the Main Versions of Skid Steer Concrete Mixers?

    You’ll have the option of the standard attachment that needs manual filling or the self-loading version. Manufacturers and dealers have adapted their accessories to their machines to suit most customers better.

    The manual version needs the operator or another employee to load the mixer with cement, aggregate, and sand. The machine mixes it and dispenses it when and where the operator needs it.

    The self-loading type doesn’t need an extra workforce to load the bucket, plus it has a built-in bag breaker. An operator can load, mix, and drive the materials while driving and moving the concrete