Skid Steer Tree Puller

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Sidney Attachments

Tree & Post Puller Attachment - Part #: TJ12UN-TRK

Part Number: TJ12UN-TRK

  • Attachments | Tree & Post Puller | Part #: TJ12UN-TRK
  • $2,550.00
  • Blue Diamond Attachments

    Tree And Post Puller, Standard Duty

    Part Number: 127006, 127010

  • Tree And Post Puller, Standard Duty | Blue Diamond Attachments | Part #127006, 127010
  • $3,546.06
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  • Blue Diamond Attachments

    Tree and Post Puller, Hd

    Part Number: Tree and Post Puller, Hd

  • Tree and Post Puller, Hd | Blue Diamond Attachments | Part #127006, 127010
  • $4,551.85
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    This component is primarily used to  pull out trees and remove fence posts. Elimination of brush and other foliage is made possible with this accessory too.

    The skid steer tree puller is useful in projects for  arborists, landscapers, and farmers, including private garden or yard upkeep.

    What Are the Features and Parts of a Skid Steer Tree Puller?

    This attachment is universal and therefore fits most standard machines. The environments that this accessory works in requires it to withstand corrosion and rust; therefore, a powder-coat finish is necessary.

    This attachment’s jaws have hydraulic cylinders powering its clamping ability, a single hinge pin and rugged steel teeth. These teeth eliminate roots and wood fence posts from the ground.

    Some flat-faced couplers and hoses form part of the attachment’s functionality, as they maintain pressure levels the operator requires during operation.

    What Problems Can Arise and How Do I Solve Them?

    Machinery and its attachments can have hiccups at times, but resolving them is possible. We discuss three of these below:

    If the hydraulic cylinder doesn’t operate:

    If a  tree does not pull:

    Post does not pull:

    What Do I Need to Look for When Choosing a Skid Steer Tree Puller?

    There are a few points to take into consideration before you purchase an attachment. Here are things to keep in mind:

    Tree Type: There are different root systems for various trees; deeper and thicker roots call for a heftier attachment or need more groundwork to release the flora.