Brainerd General Rental of Minnesota

Brainerd General Rental of Minnesota

Minnesota, United States

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Since 1993, Brainerd General Rental has enjoyed being a part of the lakes area. We live here, we work here, we play here. As a family owned business we understand we have a responsibility to the community where we live.

Helping improve our community is a part of who we are. If you have a cause that is looking for support, please fill out the application below. Donations are awarded on a quarterly basis every calendar year.

Due to the number of requests that we receive, unfortunately we cannot support every request.

We appreciate the role you or your organization plays in making this a great place to live. Thank you!


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Reviewed byRobert_Hamann

From Google Maps review, May 2019:

Their new building looks great.
Most of their people are really easy to deal with - Robert J. Hamann

Reviewed byJerry_Wartner

From Google Maps review, April 2019 - Jerry Wartner

Reviewed byNate

From Google Maps review, March 2019 - Nate Blahosky


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