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Illinois, United States

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Lizzy Lift is a full-service, nationwide rental company that specializes in access, industrial and construction rental equipment that is unique to most fleets. Our focus is on making our clients’ jobs safer by providing the right equipment for whatever situation presents itself. The owners, Jennifer DuBose-Lombard and Elizabeth Faruzzi, started Lizzy Lift 20 years ago and have continued to grow the business and their service areas. We serve Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico every day.

We are able to help clients with all of their equipment rental needs throughout all 50 states as well as internationally.

Lizzy Lift assists an extensive variety of customer markets, including construction; industrial customers, manufacturing plants, refineries and petrochemical operations; and other customers such as disaster recovery, infrastructure, railroad, utility operators, agricultural producers, special event management and facility management firms.


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Nice people - Mitch Rong Li

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