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At Euroboor we believe, ever since our founding in 1977, that a professional like you must be able to rely on a professional supplier. This believe has led us to become a major player in the industrial world, with our own factory and several offices worldwide. All because we have always listened to our customers and to the demands from the market.


Exceeding customer expectations by developing and providing premium and innovative portable drilling and cutting solutions.

Our Vision:

Ever worked with industrial tools which did not deliver on the promised quality and output? Heavy machines which are inconvenient to use and therefore cost both you and your employees a lot of time and effort?

Our customers are the ones who use our tools every day. Therefore, they are our key indicators when it comes to the development and production. To which the starting point is clear: good is not good enough! Euroboor always goes one step further. With our production methods and technical approach, it is our goal to develop lighter, stronger, safer and more reliable tools. In addition, we test our tools thoroughly from the start of the development process all the way up to production.

Our vision is focused on developing innovative portable tools that add value for our customers and facilitate them in their daily work. We never lose sight of safety sustainability, time savings and cost savings. Our mission is always clear: exceeding customer’s expectations by developing and providing premium and innovative portable drilling and cutting solutions.

Orders placed before noon EST are shipped same business day!

Limited Warranty

9.1. Seller’s warranty covers malfunctions on purchased Goods caused by material defect or manufacturing error, clearly presenting themselves within the warranty period.

9.2.   Seller applies the following warranty periods

Magnetic drilling machines:    12 months (+ additional 12 months after registration)

Beveling machines:   12 months (+ additional 12 months after registration)

Re-sharpening machines:     12 months(no extension possible)

Sawing machines:    6 months     (no extension possible)

Grinding machines:   6 months     (no extension possible)

Batteries and battery chargers: excluded from warranty.

9.3.   Start date of the warranty period and extension is the date of purchase stated on the original proof of purchase.

Full Terms and Conditions here:

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