Supplier frequently asked questions

Is there a limit to how many products I can upload?

Nope! List as many parts, tools, and equipment as you’d like. We only make a commission off sales - there are never any listing fees.

I have a lot of parts to upload, how can Gearflow help?

We’d be happy to. Please organize your parts into a CSV file with: title, description, price, specs, quantity, etc. If you have non-watermarked images, that is preferred.

Does Gearflow offer an API into my ERP system?

Yes, please contact us for more details.

How does remitting sales tax work?

Gearflow collects sales tax at checkout and remits back to the proper states so you don’t have to!

How does shipping work?

Most times, suppliers use our UPS account # for shipping parts. In some cases, we partner with you on shipping if your rates are better. Whatever drives more efficiency. For LTL or truckload orders, those are manually quoted by our team and booked.

Can I upload my company's terms and policies?

Yes, that is highly recommended! When we are setting up your storefront, we will ask you for your shipping policies (cut-off time for same-day orders, etc) and return/warranty policies. This information will be entered into those fields and show on your storefront page as well as all your product pages. A customer landing on any of your pages will be able to easily do research on your company, shipping policies, return policy, and warranty policy.

How am I paid out on Gearflow orders?

We ask to be setup with net 30 day terms with our suppliers and for your ACH information. We will send you an ACH once per month for the payouts on all the previous month’s sales.

What is Gearflow’s credit card fee?

We use Stripe for processing credit cards. They have the most extensive security protocols online for detecting and preventing fraudulent transactions. They charge 2.9% and we pass it through to suppliers. The total fee for Gearflow sales is 9.75% (commission) + 2.9% credit card fee = 12.65% total Of course, this 2.9% does not apply to international orders. If there is a wire transfer fee, we work with you on a case by case basis.