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Where equipment owners can discover and work with the thousands of suppliers that make up the construction equipment industry.

Gearflow is like no other marketplace in our industry

We recruit the top suppliers in the construction industry to create a storefront and list unlimited products for free. We only make money when they do. The foundation of our business is built around transparency and customer support. Our goal is to facilitate and enhance customer relationships, not get in between them.

We are here to help you every step of the way in procuring the best value on the parts, tools, and equipment you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Meet the Team

Photo of Luke Powers
Luke Powers

Founder & President

Photo of Ben Preston
Ben Preston

Co-Founder, CMO

Photo of Sarah Wilcox
Sarah Wilcox

Director Of Business Development

Photo of Karen Scally
Karen Scally

Content Specialist

Photo of Karen Scally
Melissa Cristobal


Photo of Erik Cameron
Erik Cameron

Lead Software Engineer

Photo of Michael Gingras
Michael Gingras

Senior Software Engineer

Photo of Austin Schneider
Austin Schneider

Senior Software Engineer

Our Story

I spent most of my career working for my family business, USM ReRents, traveling the country meeting with rental companies, OEMs, and contractors of all sizes.

It struck me that 80% of the construction industry is made up of independently owned operations. The amazing entrepreneurs running these operations are the backbone of the industry.

They all have a unique story to tell and expertise to bare.

However, there was no centralized platform that shined a light on all of these great businesses and their products. That meant that thousands of companies' inventory remained offline and undiscovered.

Listing sites, brokers, and tech giants like eBay and Amazon weren’t cutting it.

Outside of trade shows, it was very difficult for any business to research and procure the best value on the parts, tools, and equipment you need to run your business.

Worse, many times when a company is acquired, their “obsolete” parts and tools are thrown away which end up in a landfill. This was not only an economic problem, it was an environmental one too.

So in June 2018, I set out with my Co-Founder, Ben Preston, to build a better way. A modern ecommerce experience built by the equipment industry for the equipment industry is long overdue.

Our mission is to build a marketplace that works for you. We would love your help to make that happen.

Please reach out to me if you have any feedback on how we can better serve you or pains we can help you with.

You can reach me directly at luke@gearflow.com. Thanks and welcome to the Gearflow community!

Luke Powers

Founder, CEO

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