Aztec Hydraulics Inc.

Mississauga, ON


This is our motto, expectation and commitment. 

We are committed to quality so you complete repairs with confidence.

There is a clear moment of truth when a part is installed and operated. It either works and our customer becomes a hero for finishing the repair for their customer or we set them up for failure. The stakes are high and it is our responsibility to guide customers through successful hydraulic repairs of their equipment so they can finish repairs on time and on budget. 

We specialize in hydraulic components so you can focus on repairing whole machines.

PAST: Aztec Hydraulics was founded by Glenn Jones in 1984 with a small team of technicians providing specialized hydraulics repairs for local equipment businesses. The mission from the start was to provide quality hydraulic parts and repairs that last. 

PRESENT: Aztec now has more than 50 team members working together to solve hydraulic challenges faster for customers while maintaining our commitment to quality. We are putting new systems in place to meet the growing parts and service needs of customers. 

Orders ship from the Toronto area via Gearflow's UPS account to anywhere in the US. If you need expedited options, please let us know!

Aztec provides genuine forklift parts that come with a 1 year warranty.

Returns are considered on a case-by-case basis. If there is something wrong with your order, we will correct it immediately. Aztec stands behind our quality of products and service!

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