Cratos Equipment

Pompano Beach, FL

To learn more about Cratos (previously Triple E Equipment), see our blog How I Grew 530% In Four Years.

Battery-Powered Construction Equipment by Cratos Equipment

Cratos Equipment brings you an eco-friendly product line of battery-powered construction equipment that is safer, cleaner, and eco-responsible. With virtually zero fuel costs compared to diesel-fuel equipment, our electric construction machinery is more cost-effective over time, quieter on the job, releases no fumes allowing to work in occupied spaces, requires less maintenance, and meets OSHA standards for indoor work. Become a progressive construction company with green power technology. From excavators to skid steers and power wheelbarrows, get your worksite more efficient with Cratos Equipment.

Green Energy + Efficiency = Eco Responsible

Cratos is the vanguard of battery-powered construction equipment. We bring old-school power and reliability to a new era with eco-friendly innovation to save time, money, manpower, and fuel costs.

You Care. We Care.

We set the standard for battery-powered equipment. Progressive companies looking for green options and established companies looking for efficiency and cost savings count on Cratos.

It’s a new era in construction equipment.

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