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INNOLIFT is an innovative loader that lifts its load and itself into and out of virtually any delivery vehicle. Easily load and unload all pallet types from a vehicle or street-level facility. You can also turn your cargo van into a dock high delivery vehicle with INNOLIFT!

Designed for Mercedes Sprinters, Ford Transits, Ram ProMasters, Nissan NV’s and Chevrolet delivery and cargo vans, as well as, box trucks, semi-trucks, pick-up trucks and some minivans.

INNOLIFT Advantages:

> INNOLIFT loaders help address Covid-19 related delivery issues by turning a two person job into one and reducing your workforce needs.

> Reduces employee fatigue, workplace injuries and employee turnover; improves delivery efficiency

> Replaces liftgates, ramps, hoists & conventional pallet jacks

> Unlike forklifts, INNOLIFT rides inside with the load, protected from the elements

> Battery powered; charges en route or at your facility

> Can be operated by anyone, expanding your potential delivery workforce

> Can handle any pallet type and loads up to 2200 pounds

A Breakthrough In Vehicle Loading Technology

How INNOLIFT Self-Lifting Loader Works:

1. Load the cargo into the van.

2. Pull the support legs out and lift chassis up electronically.

3. Push the support legs back in.

4. Easily walk the Innolift and the cargo into the van and go!

INNOLIFT self-lifting loaders are ideal for:

– Food & beverage distributors

– Colleges, universities & schools

– Convenience store distributors

– Federal, state & local governments

– Printing companies

– Office products & furniture distributors

– Logistics & courier companies

– Vending companies

– Air conditioning service companies

– Auto parts & tire distributors

– Paint distributors

– Medical equipment distributors

– ATM companies

– And many, many more!


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