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Cocoa Beach, Florida

LIT-Forklift, LLC was created to bring innovative products to our customer base. The primary product of this endeavour is the Laser Integrated Technology (LIT) Forklift Laser Alignment System to assist the Forklift Operator in aligning the forklift forks with the load/crate to reduce safety risk, reduce the cost of product damage, and reduce the time required to align the forklift forks with the crate/load. It's not rocket science by any means, but it will increase your profit margin.


As the founder of LIT-Forklift, LLC, I began this journey by earning a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Areospace Engineering (AE) from the University of Florida (UF) in 2004. I was then hired by Boeing in 2004 to work on the Space Shuttle Program (SSP) in the Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS). Approximately 1 year later, I was hired by NASA to work ECLSS in the SSP.

While working for NASA, I continued my education and earned a Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering (IE) focused on Engineering Management and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from UF. While working on my masters degrees, I thought it was advantageous to choose class projects that would ultimately lead me to have a well developed business plan and product ready to execute and get on the market once I graduated. With the engineering and business education background, several design iterations, focus groups and feedback from the Forklift market which includes business owners, managers, and forklift operators...I have developed a product that will increase the forklift related business owners' profit margin.

Since LIT Forklift, LLC was formed in 2013, we've expanded our production and design selections significantly to offer several choices (several patent pending) for our customers that best suit their forklift operations. And we've expanded our customer base internationally to end users and dealerships/distributors seeking to increase forklift safety and reduce forklift impact product damage around the world.


NOTE/Disclaimer: LIT-Forklift, LLC and all products/design developed by LIT-Forklift, LLC have no affiliation or reflection with Boeing or NASA.

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