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Elkhart, IN

How has a small business grown from one man selling Skid Steer replacement parts out of his garage to a multilevel company, employing over 30 individuals and delivering parts all over the world?

Levi Burkholder rebuilt his first engine at 14 years old in his father’s repair shop. At the time, hydraulic systems were evolving so Levi began educating himself on the hydraulic systems as they progressed. He started his own hydraulic repair business in 1996 called, Burkholder Repair in Wakarusa, IN.

Every day was a different challenge because we worked on a wide variety of farm and construction equipment,” says Levi. “I had a team of 4 guys. Skid-steer loaders were used in both farming and construction, so we saw a lot of them. There weren’t good suppliers for skid-steer parts so worked hard to track down the parts we needed at a customer friendly price.” -- Levi Burkholder

After 10 years of business, Levi decided to close his doors to Burkholder Repair to take care of his sick daughter. After her recovery, he began to sell his leftover parts and realized that there is still a need for skid steer parts and that he truly enjoyed working with all the customers and helping them find what they need. In 2008, Levi opened the doors to Loader Parts Source. “I believed I could provide quality parts with quicker delivery times, at a better price, and offer better technical support for those doing the repairs, either in repair shops or through the user’s own capabilities,” says Levi.

Loader Parts Source grew rapidly and soon began offering rebuilt components in response to customer demand. When vendors couldn’t keep up with demand, Levi started a remanufacture shop within LPS, focusing only on the hydraulic components instead of the complete machine.

The company’s offerings have grown from hydraulic pumps and drive motors to include undercarriage parts, starters, engines, alternators, seals, bearings, and radiators, and much more. Today, LPS tries to supply the items that are needed from running a full-scale shop to an individual replacing filters on their skid steer. LPS works hard to understand exactly what customers are facing.

FAST delivery of quality parts right to your door, EASY to get assistance and exactly what you need, and our prices and policies are always FAIR.

Ground UPS or LTL rates charged at checkout.

For expedited options, please message us through the Gearflow chat bot or call 800-554-3802!


At Loader Parts Source our focus is to provide "Positive Solutions for Positive Change." With this in mind, we always want our customers to be satisfied with their entire experience, this includes our return policy.

To assure customer satisfaction we made this procedure as easy as possible. Warranty claims are processed through our technical department.

For all non-warranty returns follow instructions.

Returns over 30 days will have a 25% restocking fee. Parts must be in original packaging and in new condition. Parts will not be accepted for return if they have been installed or not in new condition. No returns after 90 days.

Please note:

Full credit will be given to all items that have not been installed and are returned in re-saleable condition. Shipping cost will be refunded if item is shipped incorrectly.

Core Returns:

In order to receive a full credit for the core, you must return the core unopened and without physical damage.

Deductions from deposits include, but are not limited to the following:

  • 50% reduction for cores that have been opened up or tampered with. There are variable deductions for missing parts and external damage to parts (not a result of normal wear)
  • 10% reduction per month starting 30 days after purchase date for late returns.
  •  Shipping label will be included with the Core Return Policy form (good for 30 days from date of purchase) for return shipping not requiring freight
  • Please take all fittings off of pumps/motors. There will be a $100 charge for any fittings left on and you will be charged for shipping to return the fittings.  
  • If you send in a core that does not match the pump/motor purchased, you will not receive your core charge.  

We will refund any credit after part is returned. You have 120 days after date of purchase to resolve any outstanding refunds. 

If return requires freight please call your customer service representative (866-573-3659) to arrange pick up (we will pay for core returns within the lower 48 states only)


Core deposits are waived if the complete and assembled core is sent in prior to shipping your order. Please contact our customer service team with any questions you may have about your core.


Loader Parts Source, Inc. includes a 12 month warranty from the original purchase date on all products we sell. This warranty includes all re-manufactured and new components unless otherwise stated. If you experience a warranty issue with any item purchased from Loader Parts Source please contact our technical department at (866) 573-3659. Our experienced tech will help identify the issue with your part and process your claim. Most warranty parts are required to be returned to Loader Parts Source for warranty evaluation. If required our warranty tech will provide you with prepaid shipping and instruct you how to return your product. Upon return and completion of the evaluation, parts found covered by warranty will be repaired or replaced at the option of Loader Parts Source, Inc. The Loader Parts Source, Inc. warranty is for defect in workmanship or component only. The warranty does not cover normal wear on any item. Loader Parts Source, Inc. warranty does not cover labor to install, remove, or inspect any product. Furthermore, the Loader Parts Source, Inc. warranty does not include coverage of rental replacements, down time, damage to machine, production loss, or collateral damage that could be incurred from a failed part or poor workmanship. If the item is not warrantable, the customer pays for repairs and shipping.  


Any tampering or disassembly of components will void the warranty.  

KEEP IN MIND, any NEW products that experience issues within the 1 year warranty period will be sent back to the original manufacturer for the warranty evaluation. This warranty evaluation process through the original manufacturer can take an extended amount of time.

Remanufactured items must be registered within 60 days of purchase to be eligible for warranty. Please contact us if you require an additional copy of the registration form.

Rubber Track Warranty (Pro-Rated):

Rubber tracks sold by Loader Parts Source are covered for 12 months on a Pro-Rated basis. Credit for tracks found covered under warranty will be covered as follows: 0-3 months at 100%; 3-6 months at 75%; 6-9 months at 50%; and 9-12 months will be a 25%.

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