No Waste Tape

Columbia Falls, Montana

The Origin of No Waste Tape

No Waste Tape founder Cletus Scribner was a wildland firefighter with the Payson HotShot Crew, defending our nation against the devastating impact of forest fires. First Responders depend on brightly colored marking tape to mark off escape routes, snags (dead, standing trees without leaves or needles in the crowns) and other important hazards but struggle regularly with their flagging unraveling before they need it. To ensure that his flagging was always ready, Cletus started melting lines into the side of his rolls using a hot nail and soon realized his rolls were lasting 50% more or longer. 

Stop Wasting Flagging and Caution Tape at Work

First Responders, Builders, Municipalities, Surveyors, Oil and Gas workers, Miners, Forestry and Agriculture workers and Hunters trust marking tape to keep job sites safe, but until now they have all had to deal with non-adhesive flagging rolls coming unraveled accidentally. No Waste Tape offers patented melt lines, a built in solution to unwanted unraveling making flagging less of a hassle to use, marking tape more sustainable, and saves you money by reducing waste per roll by up to 50%.

No Waste Tape is proudly made in the USA.

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