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Ukey Anti-Theft Devices

Ukey is the premier Keyless Ignition Alarm System designed specifically for construction equipment.

Ukey is a fully programmable, anti-theft keyless ignition and theft control system for your equipment. All keys and aftermarket ignition switches for construction equipment are keyed alike by brand. Ukey solves this industrywide problem.

While it’s difficult to nail down concrete figures, the National Equipment Register (NER) estimates the value of construction equipment stolen each year is somewhere between $300M-$1 BILLION! Additional costs associated with stolen construction equipment include renting replacement equipment, lost productivity, schedule delays and increased insurance premiums. Delays can lead to missed deadlines which can result in hefty penalties.


By using a 4-digit code, programmable by the equipment owner, you have control over who operates your equipment, by model, brand, type or operator skill level. Ukey protects your machine from unauthorized use and returns control to you.


The system was designed, tested, and used by equipment rental and repair professionals. They built it to guard against the constant headache of theft and it worked! They have not had ONE machine stolen that has the UKey system installed. That's when the founders decided to turn it into a business.

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