Zoetic Equipment

Clawson, MI

Zoetic Equipment Group is a leading provider of industrial equipment throughout North America, primarily specializing in portable energy equipment solutions. We network and establish strategic partnerships with equipment experts to supply reliable and cost-effective solutions for any application.

Zoetic Equipment Group has over 20 years of experience in the equipment industry. We utilize this expertise to provide dependable generator service, sales, and maintenance to our customers at a competitive rate. When you purchase or rent a generator from us at Zoetic, you can believe that we are providing you with amenities, equipment, and brands that you can trust.

Our company’s values are cemented in integrity, reliability, teamwork, and positive attitude. These cornerstones of our business extend into our generators, our maintenance services, our customers, and our team. We believe in exceptional customer service and building a lasting relationship with our customers and our teammates. These relationships are built upon a foundation of trust, accountability, and honesty.

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