Gearflow is hiring!

In an industry where costs have doubled and margins are tight, there can be no lapse in productivity. With equipment downtime being a contractors largest cost, there is an enormous amount of productivity wasted due to the pains that come with parts procurement.

At Gearflow, we are on a mission to address construction's productivity problem, one that we have experienced first hand, by streamlining equipment parts procurement and eliminating the fleet maintenance pains that come with it.

  • A marketplace where part suppliers can easily become an e-commerce enabled business and build their business's brand online.
  • A marketplace where equipment owners can find the parts they need from suppliers they can trust so they can get back to work.

Who Are We?

We are an eclectic, diverse group of thinkers that are all energized by this massive problem we are tackling for construction's underserved majority.

On the surface, we are all very different. And that is what makes our days so fun.

I watch it in action every day, surrounded by high performers and out-of-the-box thinkers. Your character, skill, and drive will determine your success within Gearflow. You'll see opportunities instead of obstacles and have a team to support and grow alongside with you. I couldn't even imagine working anywhere else.

-Sarah, Director of BD

team in the office
The team at our Chicago onsite in Sept 2021

Who You Might Be

We are recruiting highly talented people who get excited about bringing digital solutions to analog processes.

People who are inspired by serving generational business in the construction industry, and get energized by innovating in an “un-sexy” industry.

Why Now Is The Time To Join Gearflow

We just raised our $3M seed round in June '21 to invest in growing our engineering team. We have a lot of demand for what we are building and working to go faster in catching up.

The market timing is right for Gearflow.

The pandemic has accelerated the need for ecommerce while parts is the largest contributor to a construction equipment manufacturer's profitability. Suppliers are actively seeking a marketplace built for them to adapt to the fast changing buyer needs and to protect their parts business from players like Amazon.

The timing could not be better to finally address construction's largest productivity problem.

Open Positions

Engineering & Product

Sales & Marketing

Our Values


Work-life harmony is important. We value time with family, friends, and for ourselves to maintain healthy lives.


Startups are hard, but we are hungry to build something great and are hungry to learn along the way.


We're ok with being challenged and being wrong. Hierarchy is not important. Our humility drives our curiosity.


Trust is a prerequisite to success. We trust each other and our customers trust us because we are honest with others.


💰 Competitive salary & equity

🏖 Unlimited PTO

👶 Parental leave

❤️ Health, Dental, & Vision

🏠 Remote team + home office stipend

📚 Learning & development stipend

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get in touch?

You can email and one of us will be in touch asap!

Where do you stand on remote employment?

We are committed to a remote friendly work environment so if you prefer to work from home or while on the go, that is fine by us!

Where are you located?

We have an office in downtown Chicago for those who prefer to come into an office. We currently have employees in Chicago, Des Moines, Augusta, Raleigh, and Detroit.

We have quarterly onsite meetings in our office in Chicago so you must be willing to travel at least quarterly.

Have you fundraised?

Yes. We raised an angel round of $1.6M at the end of 2019 and just closed a $3M seed round of funding in June 2021.

What kind of suppliers are on Gearflow?

We primarily work with equipment part suppliers in the aerial, dirt, and material handling equipment categories.

Weren't you targeting equipment rental?

Yes. We were initially targeting equipment rental, equipment sales, parts, and everything in between.

However, after hundreds of calls from customers who were in need of parts to get their down piece of equipment back up and running we realized that we needed to focus everything on this parts problem. We found that across the board, there was an enormous amount of pain, productivity loss, and waste stemming from parts procurement so this is what we set out to solve.

Who are your customers?

We serve equipment owners and fleet managers across all kinds of businesses from airplane maintenance facilities to MLB ballparks to everyone in between.

However, our most common customers with the most urgent need are the small to mid sized construction contractors that make up the majority of the industry.

What is the long term vision of Gearflow?

We are with customers from the moment their equipment breaks down to the moment they get that equipment back up and running.

Therefore, we are not in the parts business. Instead, we are in the productivity business and the pains stemming from today's parts procurement process is at the center of construction's productivity problem.

We're not here to "disrupt" the parts supply chain. Instead, we’re building solutions that fit the businesses we serve to deliver productivity and efficiency on both sides of the marketplace.