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BRAVI Platforms

Castelfidardo, Italy

Thanks to the inspiration and progress-oriented attitude of the owner and founder Pierino Bravi, Bravi Platforms is a globally recognized and respected aerial lifts manufacturer today, a pioneer of the creation of more efficient and safer methods to work at low heights.

A 40-year journey deeply rooted in the personal history of Pierino Bravi and his over twenty years of experience in the constructions sector. He started out as a Ceiling & Drywall Contractor, installing plaster board partitions and ceilings. By the mid 1980’s it was already one of the biggest Italian companies in this sector. As the installation company expanded, it was necessary to work as quickly and efficiently as possible, without increasing the workforce.

In 1995, Braviisol’s first manlift was designed and built to meet these working requirements, as suitable equipment was not readily available at that time. 

Through hard work, an unflappable optimism and a keen aptitude for innovation, by the 1990’s, Bravi was well established as a manufacturer of vertical lifts, as more and more companies realized these were tailor-made to their needs in the building industry, in the fact that we were first an end-user before we ever started manufacturing machines.

Since day one, 25 years ago Bravi has tenaciously championed the potential of the autonomy of the individual at work and continues to innovate the low-level aerial equipment sector by improving his initial concept and adding other models, following his first intuition “If you give workers the right tools and make them more productive, than everyone will have the opportunity to achieve their greatest potential.”

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